Angry Apes

Angry Apes

Game for Android and Blackberry Playbook and Amazon

The greedy toucan birds have stolen the apes' bananas, and now the apes are on a mission to get them back! Help the Angry Apes™ win back their bananas and scare away the greedy birds!

Available now on Android:
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Blackberry Playbook:
Angry Apes (Ad-Free)

Kindle Fire:
Angry Apes (Ad-Free)

One of the new levels recently added to Angry Apes

Some user reviews:

5 stars
At first I was skeptical...but this game is amazing and highly addictive. Requires strategy, loads of fun and cool graphics. Good job."

"good game, fun concept
5 stars
shooting coconuts at those birds, a little hard to figure out the controls in the beginning. it gets easier to use with practice. darn toucans!"

4 stars
This is a fun game with smooth play and good audio. Well worth the money."

"Great fun.
5 stars
Great game, very addictive."

Coming Soon to iPhone & iPad!

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Angry Apes is created by AccelerMedia.

Angry Apes